Sport fishing komodo

Island of Komodo

The Komodo Dragon.

Komodo Dragons ( Varanus Komodoensis),  has been lives for thousands years in the remote, isolated island call the Komodo Island. Komodo Island lies in the Flores regency area, about 300 nautical miles east of Bali – indonesia.


The government of  Indonesia has declaring area as national park for these rare Komodo Dragon in 173,300 hectare (1,730,000,000 sq meters / 1,730,000 square kilometers) which are consist of 40,728 hectares lands and 132,572 hectares sea, so called Taman Nasional Komodo / Komodo National Park at March 6 1980.

On 1991 UNESCO also declares Komodo as world heritage in Indonesia. Komodo Population on year 2000 as many as 1,009 komodos in Komodo Island, 1,001 in Rinca Island, while in the year 2003 recorded increase of population in komodo island 2,616 komodo, Island of Rinca estimated 1,110 – 1,344 komodos.

The wonder of the world.
The Komodo dragon can only be found in Komodo archipelagos in their natural habitats, the protection of Komodo National parks resulting in the pristine crystal clear water and many diving sites, attracting thousands of divers from many different countries to dive in Komodo and see the Komodo dragon.


The archipelago islands surrounding Komodo island also offers unique experience such as Pink beach, the Bat-cave, plus so many breath taking views, beaches, and sunset enjoyed on the upper deck of the yacht.

What you can do there.
Diving, Snorkeling, Cruising, Sportfishing Games, Trekkings, Observing Komodo Dragons – the only dragon that still alive from pre-historic ages

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