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Komodo Island

Komodo Dragons (Varanus Komodoensis), has been lives for thousands years in the remote, island call the Komodo Island, isolated and pristine.

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The wonder of the world, Island of Komodo.

The Island of Komodo

Komodo Dragons ( Varanus Komodoensis), has been lives for thousands years in the remote, isolated island call the Komodo Island. Komodo Island lies in the Flores regency area, about 300 nautical miles east of Bali – indonesia.

Sportfishing in Komodo Island

The Island of komodo has been worldwidely well-known as a heaven for GT fishing, It can produce a strike up to 30 strike per 8 hrs daily trip. and those GTs ain't small, they are huges at average 20-50 kilos. Komodo island offers all seasons fishing as weather permitting. Island of Komodo Fishing is definitely a returning fishing destination to be.

Diving in Komodo Island

The archipelago islands surrounding Komodo island also offers unique experience such as Pink beach, the Bat-cave, plus so many breath taking views, beaches, and sunset enjoyed on the upper deck of the yacht.

Komodo Island Cruise & Liveaboard

The Komodo dragon can only be found in Komodo archipelagos in their natural habitats, the protection of Komodo National parks resulting in the pristine crystal clear water and many diving sites, attracting thousands of divers from many different countries to dive in Komodo and see the Komodo dragon.

Wonder of Diving World

GT fishing komodo in details.

In komodo we fishing exclusively for GT popping, as also mandatory to release every fishes caught.
We will be accompanied by a ranger as watcher for releasing every catche since its […]

Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park
Komodo National Park is located in the center of the Indonesian archipelago, between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores. Established in 1980, initially the main purpose of the […]

For Sportfisherman ...

... Feel the rush, feel the adrenaline pumping faster and faster through your vein, ..... when those strikes happened, when adrenaline filled up your brain and blood circulation, you will suddenly hear nothing, all seems silent, It is just you and the beast at the end of your fishing line ... (GT Sportfisherman)
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